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  2. Fixed Sleipnir Quest from Break The Seal Fixed Suhnbi NPC Fixed Castle Treasure Box Issue Version 999999999999999999999999 (PS: Regarding no drop issue, please refer to this LINK) Improved some recent features Increased Desperado Damage by 10% on GvG Map @obbdrop (makes you open obb constantly without restriction) Added New Legendary Items in Halloween Gatcha Added Exclusive Garment ( with stats ) in Gatcha NPC For every successful 150$ purchase of Donation Ticket ( NOTE: This only for Halloween Promotion ): Free another 1 Letter of Aico. This promotion is excluded from Monthly Promotion, so overall you will recieve x2 Letter of Aico ( Job Ticket ) Free Special Legendary Items Free Rare Halloween Items Free Special Halloween Garment ( with effect ) Additional GM Boxes and Premium Boxes Additional Cash Box No patching for today's short maintenance. Thank you! ~
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  4. Fixed Suhnbi NPC for Enriched Requirements Stricter Security Features Fixed Summer Suit Quest Added Halloween Machine ( Chance to win Legendary and Exclusive Items ) Added Donation Boxes on Manager Added Spirit of Fish in Token Shop New Gatcha Legendaries: Added Recognition Headgear Please patch your ValkyrjaRO Folder before logging in to avoid having errors in-game! Thank you ~
  5. Updated Hunting Mission New Missions New Headgear Rewards Update Cursed Seal Re-modify Dragon Sword Added Freya's Jewel on Token Quest Shop Revamp Note Headphone Removal of Special Shop NPC New Items in Event Shop and Vote Shop New Donation Halloween Items (Limited until October 31, 2020 only) Zodiac Monthly Headgear ( 500 DT Each Only (650 DT for Costume) ) Halloween Quest NPC (Coming) Please patch your ValkyrjaRO Folder before logging in to avoid having errors in-game! Thank you ~
  6. Premium Box is now available for a limited time! This box contains exclusive items, rare and legendary items! List of items you can win inside with this box: Exclusives: Yggdrasil Berry Boxes Poison Bottle Boxes Glistening Coat Boxes Donation Ticket Donation Cash Points Rares: Megingjard Brisingamen Fist of Fury Demon Wings Gargoyle Wings Icarus Wings Legendary: Dragon Wings Dark Artistry Jedi Hood Sith Hood Darth Vader Helm Darth Maul Mask Saitama Headgears Cyclops Visor Chroma Visor Lighthalzen Aura God Aura Rune of Power Costume Headgears Sleipnir Mythical Drop: Costume Garments Exclusive Animated Upper Headgears New Costume Item with unique stats (Additional HP Rate or Movement Speed) Dark Lightning Aura ( Exclusive for this event only ) Red God Aura ( Exclusive for this event only ) Winning is random. All items are random. Some of the headgear prizes are rental, but most of them are permanent. This promo can be avail for every 25$ success purchase of donation tickets and available only up until September 30. Thank you for supporting Valyrja Ragnarok Online!
  7. Happy 2nd Month!!! IGN - Ashmophel
  8. Happy 2nd Month! IGN- Creampie
  9. Happy 2nd Month! IGN- Hunter
  10. Happy 2nd Month ValkyrjaRO!!! IGN: KrispyKunat
  11. Happy 2nd Month ValkyrjaRO!!! -F ranz
  13. Happy 2nd Month ValkyrjaRO -NucleusRoots
  14. Happy 2nd Month VRO! Ign: Wolfwood | Tigreal
  15. Happy 2nd Month ValkyrjaRO - A r t e m i s
  16. Happy 2nd month VRO -Syntaxtax
  17. HAPPY 2nd Month VRO - Deviling12
  18. Happy 2nd month valkyrja A S H
  19. Happy 2nd month valkyrja S T RšŸ˜šŸ˜Š
  20. Happy 2nd Month VRO ign: moshjah01
  21. Happy 2nd Month ValkyrjaRO!!! šŸ™‚ - Sand Prince
  22. Take 2! Happy 2nd Month Vro!!
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