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    Happy 2nd Month Valkyrja Ragnarok Online! It's been such a wonderful and adventurous month has been happened again in our server. It's indeed a great experience, enjoyment, bonding, a lot of non-sense issues and dramas but still we're looking forward for more days, months and even years to come for all of us. As a token of gratitude, we are giving a special gift from all of the players who keeps supporting the server and enjoying it 24/7. Please comment your IGN to this post together with the screenshot of your character for you to be listed down in our special gift list. This is excluded and available only for those who'll comment down their In-game characters. Thank you for being a part of wonderful month in Valkyrja! - Admin Six
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    Fixed Sleipnir Quest from Break The Seal Fixed Suhnbi NPC Fixed Castle Treasure Box Issue Version 999999999999999999999999 (PS: Regarding no drop issue, please refer to this LINK) Improved some recent features Increased Desperado Damage by 10% on GvG Map @obbdrop (makes you open obb constantly without restriction) Added New Legendary Items in Halloween Gatcha Added Exclusive Garment ( with stats ) in Gatcha NPC For every successful 150$ purchase of Donation Ticket ( NOTE: This only for Halloween Promotion ): Free another 1 Letter of Aico. This promotion is excluded from Monthly Promotion, so overall you will recieve x2 Letter of Aico ( Job Ticket ) Free Special Legendary Items Free Rare Halloween Items Free Special Halloween Garment ( with effect ) Additional GM Boxes and Premium Boxes Additional Cash Box No patching for today's short maintenance. Thank you! ~
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    Fixed Suhnbi NPC for Enriched Requirements Stricter Security Features Fixed Summer Suit Quest Added Halloween Machine ( Chance to win Legendary and Exclusive Items ) Added Donation Boxes on Manager Added Spirit of Fish in Token Shop New Gatcha Legendaries: Added Recognition Headgear Please patch your ValkyrjaRO Folder before logging in to avoid having errors in-game! Thank you ~
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    Happy 2nd Month VRO! Ign: Wolfwood | Tigreal
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    Happy 2nd month valkyrja S T RšŸ˜šŸ˜Š
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    Pre-2nd Month Celebration Patches Early Halloween Patches Hallow Poring Release Halloween Event Items Release New Items in Hunting Missions KoE Temporarily Disable, will enable back once automated NPC Reward is Fixed Automated Reward will be spawned at the center of KoE Map Guild Leader need to recall his Guild Members for them to be able claim the reward. After claiming, will warped to the savepoint/prontera. Ended WoE/Koe Rewards from GM's and Staffs Character Select in Thanatos Floors Fixed Fixed Respawn Treasure Box Issue ( Beta Fixed (if still no drop, please provide a video or solid proof) ) Guild Emblem Preventions Improved Maximum Securities ( @ban / @permaban / @jail / @mute ) Sensitive Sensor for trashtalks and useless spamming will automatically sent you to jail In-game Graphics Improved Character Shadows Dealing Damage Status Effects Halloween Theme Login Screens Added Hallow Poring ( Will drop Valkyrja Premium Box and Halloween Exclusive Event Items ) Loading Screens Renewed Added Real King Poring New Full and Lite Clients + Patcher Releasing of Zodiac Headgears ( Special Costumes )
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    Updated War Time āš” Monday: Geffen Castle | 8pm to 9pm Server Time Wednesday: Prontera Castle | 8pm to 9pm Server Time Friday: Payon Castle | 8pm to 9pm Server Time Sunday: KoE | (9pm to 9:30pm or 9:45pm) +8GMT Guild Limit castles and KoE decreased from 30 to 15 "for now". This is temporarily implemented for balancing purposes and will revert back soon. Banryu Revamp Universal Damage Output Balancing OBB and OPB decreasing weight 20 to 5 OBB is now 80,000 zeny when you sell it to NPC Additional 3% chance to get Skeletal Armor Piece on OBB, overall chance 8%. Dead/Bloody Branch Update: If you didn't hit the monster within 5 minutes after spawning, it'll automatically die without drop. Dead/Bloody Branch NPC Seller is moved to Mall Officially added "@noview" command, this command will remove other players headgear on your side (helpful to ease fps drop and helping to make your gaming smooth during WoE/KoE) Hourly Event Ticket is now 20pcs Fix Time for Invasion: 10:05AM and 10:05PM Server Time Added New Solo Pack - @freebies ( This is exclusive for newbies only, old accounts and players with 100 minutes playing time will be excluded ) Each set has different free +10 weapon All sets are account bounded All sets includes Exclusive Sealed Feature Items for Solo Pack only Free supplies and additional field manual New Costume Donation Set Reward Token of Siegfried will be added to donation extras on next rotation Free 1 Enriched Elunium to the last interested donors for this month (Minimum of 25$ donations) New Login Screen Drop Machine New Item: New Dragon Weapon: Dragon Sword ( prontera 188 199 ) Added Novice Vs. Zombie (NOTE: If you join alone in this event, it'll be automatically voided. It needs 2 or more players participating) Updated Premium Box: Chance to get Dark Halo, White and Black Elven Fairy Ears, Permanent New Aura x2 Cash Points Promo is until September 30 only. Please patch your ValkyrjaRO Folder before logging in to avoid having errors in-game! Thank you ~
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    Updated Private MvP Room Re-modified Woe & KoE Limit (Still on beta) Added New Quest Items, will release soon Player of the Month Voting Phase 2 Added @joincatcher for Poring Catcher Please don't forget to patch your ValkyrjaRO Clients before logging in. Thank you! ~
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    Recent Features Improvement MvP Ladder Reset Chewing Gum is now trade-able and store-able Guild Limit Improvement (this is still on beta) Trexter NPC is now back Removing GM Box, GM Treasure Chest and Valkyrja Premium Box to Special Boss MVP Implement new event quest and npc next week No patching for today's short maintenance. Thank you! ~
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