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  1. Valkyrja Ragnarok Online DONATION PROMOTION Every worth of: • 25 USD additional 1pcs Cash Box worth of 500 cash points. • 50 USD additional 2pcs Cash Box. • 100 USD additional 5pcs Cash Box. Note: You can donate any amount minimum of 1USD / 50 PHP How to Donate? We have two options to help our lovely server. GCASH GUIDE: Find the nearest 7-Eleven branch on your location. Talk to the crew in charge, and ask how to cash-in Globe GCash They will guide you to use Kiosk machine on any 7-Eleven outlet. You can choose GCash Outlet and desired amount you want to donate. The Kiosk machine will give you a receipt and you can now go to counter to Pay for it. The crew will give you a receipt paper, you must keep it. After transaction, send an e-mail to valkyrjaragnarokonline@outlook.com (Primary) or ragnarokonlinevalkyrja@gmail.com (Secondary) with the following: Subject: GCash Payment Reference Number: Character Name: Account Username: Sender's Complete Name: Amount Sent: Attach or send the receipt photo: BUYING POLICY: • Authenticity - When purchasing items, you must provide us with your true, accurate, current and complete information needed for the transaction. ValkyrjaRO has the right to cancel any transaction where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that any information given is untrue, inaccurate, not current and incomplete. • Information Security - All information are confidential. • Refunds - All purchased items made and benefits received are non-refundable. • Lost Purchased Items - By purchasing an items, please do remember that you are helping to keep the server alive. You are not purchasing an item or paying us for a service. • Buy Items Gifts - Please be aware that Valkyrja's staff will not be held liable if any funds or items is to be lost due to any reason (hacking/scamming). Playing Valkyrja Ragnarok Online is Free, however purchasing proof of donations can supports and help the cost of the server. Donations are willingness from the players to help us pay the server needs, web hosting and also to upgrade the server more better in the future! For follow up and concern about donation you can email us at valkyrjaragnarokonline@outlook.com / ragnarokonlinevalkyrja@gmail.com or use @request to contact Game Masters in Game. Thank you for choosing to support the server. More power Valkyrja RO!
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